Star rating: 5/5

”I would definitely recommend Jhelisa! The shoot location was a great find and the shoot in itself was very professional. I appreciated the great energy, she offered very good direction and made me feel very comfortable. The results were absolutely amazing, very sharp images and the colours were excellently put together.” - Alizée Nicole Bollen

“Had an awesome shoot with JTramaine. What I liked most is her creativity. She did the styling and picked an amazing location. She really knows how to make a model feel comfortable as well, to get the best results. I am very happy with the work!” - Nana Asare

“Really loved this shoot with Jhelisa. Very good eye for SUPER nice pictures. During the shoot it wasn’t awkward at all, I had much fun!! She’s a very nice and loving person! Would love to work with you again. So happy with the results. Thanks to you darling” - Valérie Timmermans

“Very talented photographer, great and very comfortable to work with! Would recommend to book her any time.” - Dieudonnee Convalius

“I had a very pleasant experience with Jhelisa as a photographer. Ze is very easy going and [she] gives good instructions when needed. I also like that she gives you the possibility to give your opinion during the shoot. I’m very happy with the results!” - Keesha Winter

"Very talented photographer who has a nice personality with an amazing eye for detail! Had a lot of fun shooting with her! Really happy with the end result." - Manfred Talvin

"Nice person and photographer to work with. The shoots are always fun!!" - Fatmata Tinggell Bah

"Really a nice photographer to work with (as a make-up artist)! Laid back atmosphere and very professional." - Feline Julia Koene

"Super relaxed shoot, nice atmosphere. I'm happy with the results!" - Amaranta Wolters

"I had a very nice collaboration and communication [with her]! Also, the atmosphere on set was really relaxed. [I'm] happy with the results!" - Cato Julia Hebels

"Jhelisa has a great sense of fashion photography and a refined sense of lighting. She helps finding solutions  for specific problems and gives constructive feedback. Lovely girl!" - Loïs Grooff

"It's nice to work with Jhelisa. She has good ideas, knows what she wants, and knows how to navigate people to get it. Every time I work with her I enjoy the collaboration, the relaxed atmosphere, and the space for everyone's input." - Carli Bureynejad

"She's more than just a photographer. She has her own unique style and I love it!" - Adam Lugungu

"It was amazing to work with Jhelisa! The atmosphere on set is laid-back and pleasant, and there's clear communication between everyone. Also, the results are definitely nice! I look forward to working with Jhelisa again." - Cassidy Bonsink

"Jhelisa is a nice girl to work with. She knows what she's doing and you can see she enjoys it. You also see that in the beautiful results she delivers! I look back on a nice and successful day and would surely work with Jhelisa again!" - Laura Yard

"First of all, Jhelisa is such a nice girl! She has a nice personality, causing you, as model, to feel at ease immediately. It also makes it easier to create beautiful results together. She has an eye for compositions and styling and knows how to capture great shots, in which her own style can be seen. I'd recommend her, for sure!" - Caroline de Booij  

Ten eerste, wat is Jhelisa een leuke meid! Ze heeft een fijne persoonlijkheid, waardoor je je als model gelijk op je gemak voelt en het daardoor ook makkelijker wordt om samen een mooi resultaat te behalen. Ze heeft oog voor zowel composities als styling en weet naast goede foto's ook het totaalplaatje neer te zetten waarin haar eigen stijl naar voren komt. Zeker een aanrader dus!

"My first experience with Jhelisa as photographer was amazing during Motilayo's shoot!! The vibe was wonderful; I felt comfortable, everything was planned properly and we were guided very well while posing. And, the results; wow, beautiful! The quality is really good. In the future I'd love to work with Jhelisa again. Much loveee, you are dope and very good at what you do!!! Kisses Jeandaura." - Jeandaura Martinus

"After I'd been following Jhelisa's work through Facebook and her website for a while, I recently had the pleasure to work with her. She's easy to get along with and has a clear idea of what she wants to capture, which she uses to give directions. Also, I think her eye for composition is impressive. I'd recommend Jhelisa to everyone who wants an aesthetics-related focus in the final results." - Ezri Jade Williams 

"It was very nice to work together! De results are beautiful and I had a wonderful day shooting. The photographer is clear in what she wants. For sure, working together is worth repeating :)" - Elle Geerkens   

"A fantastic collaboration with beautiful results! Many good things to say about this girl!" - Louisanne van Hooff

"It was really nice and fun to work together! She has a lot of ideas and works very flexibly. Also, the images were really beautiful! It's definitely worth working with her." - Felicia Kappen

"Nice to work with, takes beautiful pictures and thinks a lot with you to capture the concept." - Shannon van Oosten

"I had a lovely day with beautiful results and she's a top photographer!" - Romae Kochheim

"She's really a nice photographer to work with! She also delivers very nice images!" - Danique Berendregt

"JTramaine offers photography that knows how to catch the moment. By experimenting with focus, light and shadow, she creates sparkling momentums and rocks every event. Thank you for the pleasant collab and up to the next dear!" - Ikram Elo

"After I had viewed her portfolio multiple times it was clear to me; I want a photoshoot with JTramaine. From the beginning we really clicked. I felt very at ease and she's a very nice person to work with. She's a creative and friendly photographer with a lot of ideas. I'm really surprised by the results, the images emit power and distinctiveness! This is a very talented photographer! JTramaine, thank you for working with me well and for the images. I'm more than satisfied! <3 :)" - Mirella Agyeman

"Nice photographer to work with!" - Fien Lousberg

"Wow! Very cool and creative photographer! I'm very pleased with the outcome :) Try her!" - Ayesha Djwala

"Loved working with you! Pro in what you do, team player and fun to work with <3" - Jennifer Soekhan

"You're such a cool and creative person! It was a great shoot and I'm very happy with the result :) You go girl." - Corine Flonk

"It was really nice working with Jhelisa Panfred! She takes beautiful pictures and you can see her style in them! She has a lot of creative ideas and she is open to ideas of others! Thus, the result of the shoot is is amazing!" - Denise Morrison

"Loved working with you girl! You are truly a team worker and I felt that I could express my vision to you. Thank you, I look forward to working with you again." - Jan Kevin de Wit 

"I've had the pleasure to have worked with Jhelisa on many occasions and it's always a great experience. I never came out of a shoot unsatisfied. She has this talent of seeing and capturing amazing images, she's very open, and she's always concerned with the clients wishes. When it comes to the picture, she is 100% quality based. If the last shot wasn't that good, she'll tell you to 'do that pose again'. In short, if you want great pictures and great service, don't worry because that's what you'll get from Jhelisa!" - Jeffrey van Sichem Jr.

"I had a great photoshoot with Jhelisa for my jewelry collection and working together was top notch!" - Melissa Tolud 

"It was really a fantastic experience shooting with Jhelisa. She's full of creative ideas which result in very beautiful results. Working together with Jhelisa went really smoothly. She's very spontaneous and kind, what makes you feel at ease very quickly during the shoot, but also during the preparatory period towards the shoot. Jhelisa knows exactly how to deal with every circumstance, whether it's the annoying lighting during a cloudy day or it's a crooked tree in the background. With her photographic knowledge, she knows exactly how and what needs to happen to create a certain mood in the image. In short, Jhelisa is highly recommended!" - Milad Saleh

"We've worked with Jhelisa twice for our webshop. They were very pleasant experiences! The images came out amazing and another positive thing is that Jhelisa seeks active input and alignment during the shoots." - Messybunnl

"It was very nice working with Jhelisa. She listens well, gives good tips and thinks with you during the shoot. Very lovely! I'm really happy with the results! Thankss!" - Fazi Bakir

"It was very nice to work with Jhelisa. Quality and fun, what else do you want?" - Summer Langereis

"Loved working with Jhelisa. She has this great spirit and thinks along with u during the shoot. Very pleased with the outcome and hope to work with her again in the near future." - Motilayo Williams

"A very nice and kind photographer to work with. I really enjoyed it!" - Marouschka Moraal

"Very talented photographer! I'm extremely happy with the results of the shoot." - Laure Heij

"Awesome results!! She came all the way from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, and she was chill to work with! She knows exactly what she's doing! - thanks and I hope to work with you again!" - Roel Stellinga

"A nice and friendly photographer who works according to the agreements made prior to and during the shoot. I enjoyed working with her, because she listens well and knows how to discuss what will be best while shooting. I'm very pleased with the beautiful pictures you made! Thank you!" - Beautybyna Muah

"Thank you for the beautiful pictures! You're a nice person to work with! I had a very fun day, with beautiful results! It's clear you're made to be a photographer! :D" - Marcia van Triest

"Thanks for the pictures. Excellent cooperation. She gives good tips and is open to your ideas." - Bogenna Ivana

"I'm happy with the results! Very nice pictures and I hope we'll be working together more often." - Merve Kilickaya

"Thank you, Jhelisa, for the nice cooperation and the beautiful results! :D" - Robin Rochelle Hurenkamp

"It was very nice to work together with Jhelisa! She let's the models feel very comfortable, causing them to perform very well and get the best results." - Saroja Jagernath

"Good photographer! Nice pictures and nice to work with." - Claudine Hermes

"Really a wonderful person to work with! She gave me good vibes, causing me to feel at ease immediately." - Aiysha Siddiqui

"Not only does she provide photographic quality, but it's also lovely to work with someone who feels passion for the profession. Keep up the good work!" - Dy Ghe

All testimonials are cited from my Facebook page.